Polonnaruwa - Gal Vihara
Gal Vihara - lying Buddha

1070 King Vijayabahu, defeated the south indian Chola invaders, but had to give up Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa became the capital of the second oldest Kingdom. He reigned 1055 - 1110 A.C. Anyhow the ancient city owes its golden age to his nephew, who reigned as King Parakramabahu I. in the period of 1153 -1186 A.C. He startet an extended counter offensive towards south India, while at the same time enourmous building activities happened within Pollunaruwa. This golden period was finished by another indian invasion in 1284 A.C. and the new capital was Dambadeniya in the south west of Sri Lanka. The multiplicity of majestic ruins and genius irrigation systems are still reminding of this great era. They are allocated over a huge area and contain various monuments, like temples, dagobas, palaces, Buddha statues and gardens. Pollonaruwa is world heritage since 1982

Route to Mahiyangana: You can reach Mahiyangana via the Mannampitiya Road A 11, turning there right to the AB 44 in southern direction. This good road leads you through a nice savannah landscape between the Wasgamuva and Maduru Oya National Park.
Distance: 110 km   Time: 1:30 h

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