Sigiriya Rock Fortress Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya Rock rises up more than 200 meters out of the jungle, presenting an imposing sight to the visitor. 477 - 495 A.C. King Kasyapa has built this rock as a fortress and placed a gorgeous palace on top of it. One side of the rock was designed like a huge lion and the entrance was leading through the lion's mouth. Hence Sigiriya's alternative name is "Lion Rock." Only the lion's massive paws remain today, but they indicate how gigantic the rest of the carving must have been. The world famous frescos of the "Sigiriya Maidens" are 1500 years old. Out of about 500 frescos 18 are conserved in a good condition. The fortress is surrounded by ancient gardens and irrigation systems.
Sigiriya is a world heritage since 1982.

Route to Mahiyangana: To Mahiyangana you can go via the route, described on the Dambulla or Kandy site, or you deside for the faster Polonnaruwa - Mannampitiya Road, which leads you through a nice savannah landscape between the Wasgamuva and Maduru Oya National Park.
Distance: 160 km   Time: 2:45 h

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