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Sorabora Lake Sorabora Lake.
It is supposed, that this lake was built in the time of King Dutugemunu (161-137, AC) as part of an ancient irrigation system. The sluice, which is still in use, has been built on a natural existing granite rock and shows the brilliancy of the ancient architecture. Today, the lake is an important naturally oasis, specially for birds. Nature lovers will find very good conditions for birdwatching in the morning. Birds of various kind and sizes appear here. (e.g. hornbills or storks)
The Nature of Mahiyangana offers various possibilities for each. The best is to enjoy the nature very slow, which one can do perfect by foot, bicycle or boat. Boat trips are negotiable with the fishermen. We can also arrange jungle overnights with a local guide.
cycling-tour Boattrip The Sorabora Lake is only 4 km away from The Nest. You can reach the boats from the west entrance near the sluice. Wildlife photographers will be very impressed because of the high biodiversity here. Sometimes elephants are bathing here. Tours can be arranged by us.
Elephants National Park near "The Nest"
Wasgomuwa National Park: 50 km
Here you can still feel untroubled by mass tourism because it is less frequented. You can see elephants, sloth bears, deers, crocodiles, birds and more.
Eagle at sunset
Ratna Ella Falls 111 m Ratna Ella Falls is 111 m high and one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Sri Lanka. Walk along the jungle and have a bath in the clear water pond. It is only 10 km from Mahiyangana.
Knuckles Range is a large mountain area, containing 35 peaks between Kandy and Mahiyangana and is very suitable for trekking. Right: View from the famous 17 bends hairpin road to the east.
Knuckles Range View to the east
The Ulhitiya and Rathkinda nature-sanctuaries are located 16 and 20 km from the Nest. The beautiful landscape is characterized by reservoirs and jungle. It is extreme suitable for cycling-tours since there is nearly no traffic at all. In the morning or at late afternoon, wild elephants can be seen frequently at the opposite waterside. The Mahaweli River, which arises in the Adams Peak area, is Sri Lankas longest river. After 335 km it disembogues near Trincomalee into the golf of bengal.
Ulhitiya Naturschutzgebiet Rathkinda Naturschutzgebiet Mahaweli Strom - Länge: 335 km
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